Houses made of wood

Among the many technologies of the construction of wooden houses has recently become the most popular use of the construction with profiled bars. This construction material is notable for a unique combination of high technology and excellent environmental performance. Wooden houses from profiled bars with extremely low levels of thermal conductivity of the walls, which means you can warm up the room for the shortest possible time. However, this type of timber is vapor-and gas-permeable material, so that inside the house the atmosphere is always maintained with an optimal level of humidity and sufficient oxygen. In addition, due to specially selected cross-section shaped beam provides the highest speed stroitelstva. Osnovnaya feature, which have wooden houses made of logs, it’s their appearance that can perfectly fit into any rural landscape. In addition, with a smooth surface, round logs is an excellent material for the rapid construction of walls in the finished basement, allowing the shortest possible time to build a surprisingly warm and clean home. Moreover, due to special handling of logs, they acquire an excellent resistance to rot and damage nasekomymi. Stroitelstvo houses from glued beams allows to build housing in the most extreme climatic conditions, as a completely flat surface of the boards can achieve the effect of almost solid walls. Another advantage of laminated veneer lumber – the complete absence of shrinkage after the construction, which allows you to start finish wooden houses immediately after the erection of walls. Technology of construction of log homes is the oldest, so with proper planning and compliance with all building codes are obtained by the house even more durable, warm and comfortable than using a more modern building materials. Moreover, natural wood can be used not only as a basis for the construction of the walls. Lining treated qualitatively, sexual rake and ceilings made of wood can be an excellent material for decorating any interior. Of particular interest are decisions made when the wood is absolutely all structural and decorative elements in the home, which helps create a mood of complete union with prirodoy. Bolee detail about how to build wooden houses can be found.

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